Nigella seeds

nigella seeds ,black cumin seeds
nigella seeds ,black cumin seeds
nigella seeds ,black cumin seeds

Nigella seeds , black cumin seeds from Egypt for export

Botanical name: Nigella sativa

Other name : black cumin seeds, black-cumin, also known as nigella or kalonji

Arabic name
حبة البركة

Nigella seeds 99% purity

Nigella seeds 97% purity

Season: Available all the year

25kg polypropylene bags
Shipping Method
20ft (13 Metric Tons) 40ft (26 Metric Tons)

99% purity, Admixing 1%, 5% moisture
Process of Crop
Collected from farms, sun dried or machine dried at 8% humidity. Machine separation of stems from seeds. Cleaning any impurities. Packing for Export

CULINARY USES of nigella : 
It is a very common flavoring spice for savory dishes like meats, chicken, fish and salad dressings.
MEDICAL USES of nigella:
It is used to aid digestion, for the relief of gas and also for stomach chills. The Chinese use it for treatment of food poisoning. Furthermore it is used as a laxative and assists in blood circulation.