Product Name: Henna
حنة – حناء
• Botanical Name : Lawsonia inermis
• Product forms:
Henna whole leaves – Henna Powder – Henna Crushed
Henna Uses
One of the major health benefits of henna is as a sun screen. During the summer, hundreds of people are tattooed with henna paste at fairs, festivals, traditional celebrations and more. Whilst out in the sun, they also tan only to find, five weeks later than the area hennaed did not tan not does it show any sun-contact at all. Henna paste is a natural mixture of, usually, water, henna, lemon juice and sugar, which is a natural and healthier alternative to chemical laden sun screens plus it has the unique ability to temporarily tattoo skin.
Many other conditions henna is used to treat include:
• Baldness – when mixed with mustard seed oil, henna is reputed to cure baldness.
• Dysentery – when mixed with ghee
• Liver disorders – specifically the bark of the henna plant
• Headaches – specifically the flowers of the plant mixed with vinegar
• Sore throat – specifically the leaves as a gargle
• Boils, burns and bruises – specifically a poultice of the leaves
Arthritis, Inflammation and leprosy – specifically the leaves, bruised