Calendula Flowers

calendula flowers
calendula petals
calendula flowers

calendula flowers , Marigold Flowers
Botanical Name ( Calendula Officinalis )
Alternative names
Pot Marigold
Arabic name
عباد – جلانديولا
Available Form:
– Marigold Flowers
– Marigold Petals

Season : Available from January till May
– Carton Boxes
– PP Bags
Dry, 5% Moisture
Process of Crop
Each crop has many cuts during the growth lifetime. It is transferred to a large open space for sun drying. A large cover is placed over the flowers to avoid contact with natural elements besides the sun. Packed in carton boxes for export.
MEDICAL USES of marigold:
Petals or leaves can be used in tea to induce sweating, increase urination and relieve stomach cramps. The leaves can made into ointment for cuts, scrapes, scalds and acne on the skin. The fresh flower can be rubbed directly on bee stings to relieve the pain.
BEAUTY AND BODY USES of calendula:
Making a rinse with the flower brings out highlights in blonde and brunette hair. A fresh bag of flowers can be held over the tap while running a bath for a refreshing wash for the skin.