Needs of sterilization  in the food industry are more and more demanding  so Alfa Herbs company offer many solutions for sterilization for our valuable customers using different kinds of gas for Conventional and Organic  such as :Bio Steam – P.P.O –  E T O .C O 2 – E S T .


Our exports reached to many countries such as:


Netherland , Belgium  , USA, Canada ,Australia ,south Korea , North Korea , japan , china , Brazil, Argentina  ,Colombia and most of our Arab countries and African countries

We will be happy to extend our exports  to all other countries .


Alfa herbs company offers many solutions for packaging From standard packaging up to customer-specific solutions.

We offer the appropriate packing for your products.

standard packaging

–     Plastic bags.

–     Plastic bags with inner plastic jute.

–     Paper bags.

–     Paper bags with inner plastic jute.

–     Cartoon boxes.

–     Cartoon boxes with inner plastic jute.

pp bags
paper bags loading
cartoon loading