thyme grade A vs thyme grade B

thyme , dried thyme 

Scientific Name(s): Thymus vulgaris L. Family: Lamiaceae (Mint)

Common Name(s): Garden thyme , common thyme

Available form

Thyme standard cut

Season : Available all year

Packing :pp bags or paper bags  25 KG

Health benefits of thyme

People in ancient Rome used thyme in order to treat melancholy and added the herb to alcoholic beverages and cheese. The ancient Greeks would use thyme in incense.

Culinary Uses

The dried or fresh leaves of the thyme can be used within stews, soups, sautéed or baked vegetables, custards, and casseroles. Thyme  gives the food a tangy and warm flavor, similar to camphor, and is able to retain its strong flavor even after cooking.