Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile Flowers

Alfa herbs is one of big exporters,suppliers,wholesaler,companies for chamomile flowers dried from Egypt

first of all; we are farmers of chamomile flowers.  furthermore we have our own farms consequently we guarantee you premium quality of chamomile flowers

certainly very good prices of chamomile flowers we can offer because we have our own production of chamomile flowers

Botanical Name for chamomile flowers ( Matricaria Chmomilla )

Arabic name

شيح زهرة- بابونج – زهرة الشيح

Available Form:

premium quality Chamomile flowers

Grade B Quality

Chamomile flowers

 Industrial Chamomile flowers

 Fine cut ( T.B.C ) Chamomile flowers

Pollen mixed with seeds Chamomile flowers

Pure Pollen Chamomile flowers

stems Chamomile or hay of chamomile stems

Packing : In Cartoon boxes 12.50 kg net weight


Purity 99.5%

Dry, 5% Moisture

Process of Crop

Each crop has many cuts during the growth lifetime. Then we transfer to a large open space for sun drying. we put A large cover over the flowers for the reason that to avoid contact with natural elements besides the sun.

finally we Pack in carton boxes for export.

Uses of chamomile flowers

CULINARY USES of chamomile flowers:

The leaves can be chopped up and stirred into sour cream or butter to add to baked potatoes. also Fresh flowers are used for garnish in flowers.

MEDICAL USES for chamomile flowers:

first of all used as a tea it soothes, stomach cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, fever, colds and headaches. furthermore The flower can be ground into a paste to be used for skin irritations, infections, ulcers and rashes. Finally Essential oils made from Chamomile flower can be used to treat eczema.