Anise Seeds ,aniseed

Botanical Name ( PimPinella Anisum )

Alternative names
Arabic name
Available Form:

Anise seeds Grade A Quality 99% purity

Anise seeds Grade B Quality 95% purity

Season : Available all the Year

Packing : In pp bags 25 KGS Net Weight

20ft (13 Metric Tons) 40ft (26 Metric Tons)

99% purity, Admixing 1%, 5% moisture
Process of Crop
Collected from farms, sun dried or machine dried at 8% humidity. Machine separation of stems from seeds. Cleaning any impurities. Packing for Export
CULINARY USES of aniseeds : 
Used in Scandinavian breads and East Indian curries. Aniseed enhances fruit dishes, cheese, eggs and spinach dishes.
MEDICAL USES of aniseeds:
Digestive aid, anti-flatulence agent. Used for the relief of coughs and colds. When wrapped in a warm cloth it can be used to compress eye pain.
BEAUTY AND BODY USES of aniseeds : 
When a seed is chewed in the morning, it will freshen the breath all day.