oregano from Egypt


Scientific names: Origanum vulgare L., Origanum onites L.,Origanum syriacum L.

Common names: Wild marjoram, mountain mint, Mexican oregano, winter marjoram, wintersweet, kekik (Turkish), and Mediterranean oregano.

Dried oregano leaves

Available all the year

Packing : pp bags

Medical Uses for Oregano:

Oregano has been used for the treatment of chronic candidiasis through its antifungal properties. Ideally for this particular ailment, enteric coated capsules are recommended to ensure that the tablets pass through the stomach and disintegrate in the intestine.

Culinary uses of oregano

Oregano is well known as the “pizza herb”, and is widely used in Mexican and Italian cookery. Both fresh and dried material can be used. The dried herb is also used in many other processed foods such as alcoholic beverages, meat and meat products, condiments and relishes, snack foods and milk products.