caraway seeds
caraway seeds
caraway seeds
caraway seeds new season
caraway seeds for export from Egypt

Botanical Name ( Carum Carvi )

Alternative names
Wild Cumin, Carvies
Arabic name

Available Form:

Caraway seeds Grade A Quality 99 % purity

or Sortex quality

Caraway seeds Grade B Quality

Season : Available all the Year

Packing : In bags 25 KGS 
20ft (13 Metric Tons) 40ft (26 Metric Tons)

Egyptian Caraway seeds bigger than any other origin and more oily.

99% purity, Admixing 1%, 5% moisture
Process of Crop
Collected from farms, sun dried or machine dried at 8% humidity. Machine separation of stems from seeds. Cleaning any impurities. Packing for Export

MEDICAL USES of caraway seeds:
The seed can be pounded into a paste to heal bruises. Relief of colic in babies. Using a hot cloth with mashed seeds placed inside, can relief ear pain when held against the ear.
BEAUTY AND BODY USES of caraway seeds: 
Can be added to mouthwash. Seeds can be made into skin rubs to improve local blood flow.