Dried lemon

lemon dried yellow
lemon dried yellow
lemon dried yellow

Dried Lemon yellow and lemon black

Botanical Name (Citrus)

Alternative names


Arabic name

ليمون مجفف

Available Form:

Black dried lemon

Yellow dried lemon

Season : Available all the Year

99% purity, Admixing 1%, 5% moisture
Medicinal Uses of dried lemon

Lemon Balm is anti-viral, so the tea is great to drink if you’re feeling under the weather. The hot tea brings on a sweat that is good for relieving colds, flus and fevers and an anti-viral agent has been found that combats mumps, cold sores and other viruses. James Duke mentions that Lemon Balm can help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Shingles, due to the anti-viral action.

Culinary Uses of dried lemon

Dried Lemon Balm is used mainly for tea-if you are going to use the leaves for culinary purposes, it is best to freeze them. They should keep for about two months.